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The naive 2020 review

As we are about to finish with 2020, I share with you my naive learnings of a year that was for me and all of you, most probably, an incredible experience of life. I randomly display below, in intentional non labelled categories of my newest acquired wisdom (read lessons or hardcore isolation): 1. I have… Continue reading The naive 2020 review


La spovedanie

Poalele popii erau de un negru lucios, păreau nespălate de multă vreme. Ma întrebam câți păcătoși au văzut asta si s- au aruncat cu fervoare sub vesmantul sfânt sperând la absolvirea absoluta a păcatelor. Intrasem in biserica atrasa de aura Misterioasa a cupolei de aur, corul bisericesc pe fundal intona niște lucruri groaznice, extrem de… Continue reading La spovedanie


Black Mirror Episode “Day 5”

As the self imposed quarantine continues, the Natural Born humans discover new ways of living. Since in the "imperfect world" there is no imposed order, the Savages must show resilience, self control, compassion, empathy, altruism and other characteristics that are not in their habits. Some governments show surprisingly good management of the pandemic and, even… Continue reading Black Mirror Episode “Day 5”