Walk the walk. Talk the talk

I should start this post by mentioning that I am not a Certified Therapeut or psychologist/psychiatrist so don’t take what I I write here for granted. However, I declare myself (by the power I got invested by Captain Planet) specialised in drama.

Since I am a specialist in that, I can write whatever – hence the following.

I know (for a fact) that grief comes in different stages. You never know how much you can take until is coming to you and somehow you deal with it. So it appears when you least expect it and sometimes you just know that is around the corner waiting for you.

There is no formula on how one deals with pain, anxiety and/or depression. Each individual handles it differently. However, I feel, that absolutely everyone is trying to avoid it before really letting it unfold.  It makes sense since no one want to face their darkest, most deeply hidden fears. That’s why, when the darkness arrives, there is the incredible resistance to it. Resistance, however, is causing even more pain. Because it’s a fight with a feeling that is impossible to avoid therefore it’s a fight of you with you.

Equally, there is no magic formula that makes it disappear. Ok, there is Xanax but that’s not really sustainable on long- term. So each one of us has their self proclaiming system that might work (or not). I am writing about this because today I came across this topic and I discovered that people have a lot of creativity and self sustaining methods to cope with their own darkness. Also, what I was surprised to discover is that a great amount of people think and act (hopefully more often than not) about it. Unless you re Lykke Li and you think that “sadness is a blessing” ( – you, for sure, want to have it under control.

So do your yoga, meditation, mindfulness, reading, cardio or pottery class, whatever works for you – just do something and get that mojo of yours right where you want it. You are not alone and, I promise you, talking about it with someone you feel at ease, is already a big step in feeling better. Do whatever, the main thing is to act upon it. Do that little walk, listen to a podcast (about impressionist painters if you like), cook that dish, even though you are a total disaster in the kitchen, move yourself from one couch to another. Anything that works for you. I don’t know. One small gesture can mean a lot and your thoughts will be steered towards something else.

It’s always so surprising to see how open people get when this topic is on the table and mostly, how much they care about one another. Some hope in humanity is restored.




Budapest is feelings. Emotions. Life and joy, grief, self discovery, decadence and exaggeration. 

I am sure I heard all the Hungarian words I know: lecso, goulash, falkanal, legjobb, furdo, bazus, rendorseg,egy, ketto, harom, kert… ok, there is more. Maybe I do know more Hungarian words that I want to admit. And please refrain from correcting my spelling. I know.

I needed a good amount of time to return to Budapest. The first few times I went back was not always easy. However, this time, eventough very emotional, Budapest filled me with joy. The city grew and become more international, more crazy party like – if possible – yes, way possible. Budapest feels alive and seems that never sleeps. His streets are filled with young and old, Hungarians and non-Hungarians, drunken, stag parties from breakfast to breakfast, hen parties, posh parties, jazz parties, hipsters parties, underground parties, everyone can find his crowd here. 

Budapest feels free and easy, Hungarians don’t waste smiles around, they are stoned faced and when they do smile, you know it’s for real. Angry old ladies, young men and everyone that cannot communicate with you, will feel frustration and they will not be afraid to show it. I guess this is what makes Hungarians Hungarians: they are true and unapologetic for what they are.

Spring is the feeling in Budapest. You might think that 27 degrees feels like summer but in Budapest this is just a shy beginning of the spring. Trees are blooming, parks are filled with happiness and bikes, dogs and young love. Spring is everywhere. Terasses  exists at every corner, music incoming from everywhere, the Danube is shinning in the sun and there is a manifestation at Deak Ter. Loud and outspoken Hungarians are protesting against their government who’s planning to chase the CEU (Central European University) on the background of (their current government) planning to make educational institutions “more transparent”. Politics.

In all, Budapest hasn’t changed a bit, yet everything is changed. One thing that is still very upsetting for a Romanian eye is their refusal to take note of our country: in all bloody menus you can find Transylvanian vine or food, never Romanian. While they have Chile, France, Germany… when it comes to Transylvania – it’s never Romania, just simply Transylvania. Denying a country’s existence all together can say a lot about a nation. This is their least important problem in the current political troubled context. 

To end in a positive note, Hungarians know how to live and they don’t ask persmision or apologise for it. They simply do. 

Despite our tumultuous relation I feel Budapest gave me, to me. 

Love Budapest. Xoxo 


Haters “gonna” hate

This is inspired by a discussion half year ago with some very dear people of mine.  (Yes, its you, Irina and you, Codreanu –  I know you are not reading my blog, but really who does?, just in case, I give you the credit for the idea).

And since I’ve been told in several occasions that I am opinionated and I, too often, express my opinion, here’s one. Words will be said, feelings will be hurt and no fucks will be given.

I want to present you the most annoying typology of people, that we have all met at some point when we needed the most.

My focus is on a very special kind (in this category i integrate all nations, I don’t discriminate here): the specific individual that is willing to give you advice about pretty much everything. The deniers of their very own origins. The condescending ones, that fill their “From” field on various social platforms with Nepal or whatever cool country is trending nowadays (where is it cool to be from these days, bytheway? Just need to update my twitter).

The ones that proclaim themselves travel gurus and think no one before them has touched their destination, the ones willing to give you free advices about how to, where and what is the right way, the absolute truth owners; the annoying “know it all” – that think they invented yoga and/or vispassana (because sitting in complete silence and contemplating their (un)worthy life in an ashram in Thailand for a week is making them THE wisest people alive); the convinced vegans/ vegetarians that are ready to mock your lifestyle only because you are not one; the ones that regard you with contempt because you have a job and you “don’t” live your dream (even tough they never had a real one to judge) but will sell you everything to profit from that; the self proclaimed free spirits and souls that will swear at you with the first occasion you disagree their point of view; the readers of “The China Study”( a “most comprehensive study of nutrition” – something like alternative medicine) who believe you are completely lost if you don’t follow the nutrition scheme suggested there… the list is not exhaustive.

Ummm, yes, my point is that I still don’t like you. Just saying.


Excerpt from a childhood memory 

After (almost) a week since my return to Brussels, at the popular demand, I have decided I will continue posting on this blog. (Ok, only one or two people really asked; I am just doing it for me: at some level writing here gives me structure and some sense of purpose if you must know).

I don’t really have a theme which means that I will be rambling about everything and anything. 

The weeks spent in Indonesia have been a breath of air. Despite all, I feel it was a valuable experience. I am sure my traveller companions feel the same. I only miss the fruits. And the sun. And the sea. 
I found Brussels in deep freeze – somewhat unusual – temperatures are under zero; it feels like real winter. Not much snow, yet I appreciate the sunny days, strolling the city, my cheeks and hands are freezing giving me that serene feeling, only known as a child. Only a violent cold like this can transpose you in the past so far away.

Days are filled with joy like  discovering yet new places in Brussels: 

Thanks to Mihaela (don’t you feel you know her? sure you do!) I have discovered this coffee/tea place, called Floris, in place St Boniface. Not only that they have a great tea selection, but the best hot chocolate (like ever) and a combination of cocoa and chocolate which is absolutely delicious. And you receive chocolate cake to go with it. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can go and try it yourself (I feel that I should ask a marketing budget from these people. 

A plus. Namaste.

Later edit: the coffee place in this article it’s called Comptoir Florian. 


Namaste bitches 

Today we leave from Ubud to Jakarta. (resuming our trip in 24 hours). 

Last few days we’re spent in Ubud with our friends (from Piatra – Neamt, what are the odds?) low profile, no (other) exciting adventures but resting. (Ok, drinking Bintang, the local beer and loads of coffees). And shopping. Eating. Sleeping. All the things you do when you actually have time. 

Last night we decided to over do our culinary experience and we tried pretty much everything that we didn’t before: 

And things haven’t got weird at all: 

And we’ve got plenty of these amazing sunsets: 

To summarise the last three weeks: it seems like an eternity since we left Europe. Things got intense, colourful, interesting, painful, challenging, rich, tasty, new, extreme at times (and much more) and not for a second boring. 

I would do it all over again. 
Until my next adventure: Namaste bitches!!


Cheese is life

Today I dream about cheese. And bread. And wine. Really, anything that is not noodles or rice. 

Don’t get me wrong, the food is good in Bali. Is just lacking diversity. If I am to compare with India, well, there is no term of comparison. There are 2/3 ways to prepare rice, a soup or two and the same variation with noodles. 

Therefore the cheat today is ice cream and chips. We gave in our cravings and went to the supermarket (generous term) and bought copies of lays and cornetto. What you see below is the healthy version of what I just said. We’ve had that too but a tad to much. 

Ok, we have tried pretty much everything: all sorts of fruits and juices, smoothies, fried banana, pancake banana, mango, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit…yet we need something more. 

We have seen some more temples; so we had to wear more sarongs:

And some more gardens: 

And the weirdest/particular/strange was a temple with bats (as batman yes), kind of creepy place really: 

That moment when you casually meet friends from your home town in Bali and you travel further together: 



North Bali and surroundings 

So far, our trip was everything that I didn’t expected. Not all in a good way but I accept it, since makes life easier.

I’ve got the adventure, adrenaline, the unpredicted events, some (heavy) rain, the nature (oh, the nature!), cultural and culinary experiences and much more. 

It’s true,  not planning your trip to the detail can bring unwanted events but also fine, interesting discoveries that otherwise would not have happened. 

At this point, the humidity kills us slowly in this area, and we are lacking some minimal comfort: we are longing for some “real” food, the moral is a bit low and hopefully will change that moving to our next location: for the last days in Bali we decided to go back to Ubud – where we started for a minimal comfort to “wash” the last few days.

Today we explore the north east part of Bali – we are located in Kubu – a little village less touristic, in Tulamben area, known mainly for the diving experiences – for those who are into that. The beaches around here, are mainly black – a blatant contrast to the golden beaches we left behind in the Gili trio islands.

We decided to make a tour – up North in the island to see the hidden wonders in this part of the paradise. 

In Bali you can find several waterfalls – one more amazing than other. We visited GitGit waterfall – 

This one didn’t disappointed. It was as spectacular, clean and tourist free as we expected. 

Furthermore, in every temple we must wear the traditional sarong, which is ultimately funny: 

And, of course we couldn’t miss one of the most famous one: