Long due

Since in the past year I consumed a lot of TV( if you call Netflix TV, that is) /podcasts/ books and all the forms of entertainment to distract me from the gruesome reality, I decided to display here some of the best I came across. I will start with the series.

1. The two popes – Netflix. I understand from the reviews that most of the dialogues are fiction, however, the story in itself gives a bit of an insight Into the secret life of the most two prominent spiritual leaders of our times, the struggles and the less visible life of two great men. The challenge of faith and the sheer power to do good go hand in hand, or does it? Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins give a great performance and how could you miss the great Anthony Hopkins playing the Pope in contrast with Hannibal Lecter? I am asking you.

2. Normal people- BBC/HULU This one, really. I had no expectations, especially that everyone boasts about it and normally, If it gets too much hype, I avoid it. Daisy Edgar-Jones she’s just something else. This series is so authentic, I believe we can all reconnect with one of the two characters or their on and off love. Is just pure love. I recommend it, even bought the book which, of course, gets even better.

3. In treatment HBO Real time shrink sessions and the huge hardships of a therapist trying to fix everyone. There is also the twist of him falling in love with one of the patients, no cliche there. No fluffy stuff here, not such a light series. It gets to you, if you ever tried therapy.

4. West world – HBO Woah! This is not your usual “robotstakingover” show. Is extremely well done, the plot is twisted in so many ways and there is Anthony Hopkins again. Yet, AI do takes over the world. In a very creative way I may add.

5. Marriage story – Netflix The rage. This move stayed with me because of the rage and anger of this couple in a bitter divorce battle. Nothing beats the insight story of a couple fighting for their lives outside each other. Again, nothing light about this movie. I find it sad and delightfully real. The thin line from love to hate and beyond. The irony.

To be continued. I have consumed much more than the above.

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