The naive 2020 review

As we are about to finish with 2020, I share with you my naive learnings of a year that was for me and all of you, most probably, an incredible experience of life. I randomly display below, in intentional non labelled categories of my newest acquired wisdom (read lessons or hardcore isolation):

1. I have learned that my former idea of how much chocolate intake my body can accept was wrong. I can totally eat much more and so can you. Don’t lose hope.

2. My body aches from parts of it I didn’t even know I have before, due to the lack of activity days on end.

3. Stretching revealed itself with a whole new meaning and my fitness levelled up thanks to the zoom classes and to friends that didn’t give up on me.

4. Heartbreak lost its meaning and the dimension of it all intertwined with mourning, loss and pain that I didn’t even know it’s possible to survive (no drama 🎭).

5. I also know now that I can survive only on books and movies.

6. My hypochondria is actually fine. Within the norms, turns out others have it much worse.

7. Walking around the neighbourhood can be a different experience every day.

8. My brain stops working by default after a certain ceiling.A very low ceiling, I might add.

9. Even during a pandemic, in self isolation, life can change dramatically from one second to another.

10. I really care much less about superficialities.

11. I can get into a dispute on the internet in a blink of an eye.

12. Sleeping is NOT overrated.

13. I can live without eating meat. It only gets better.

14. Dogs are by far the most loyal wonderful friends, as I already knew, it just got reinforced and “I told you so”.

15. I can write a story about an orange crocodile knocking on my door.

16. Baths, though unfriendly to the environment, saved me.

17. I can bake a chocolate cake and eat it.

18. I really do hate the cold more than ever.

19. I almost respect all the rules as part of my new developed personality. Also part of my Belgianisation process.

20. I haven’t slept so much since I was a teenager.

21. I don’t know anything.

22. I can knit. Hours/days on end.

23. Nothing is really important.

24. I survived (not yet end of the year though).


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