The land of mystical gods

My Indian trip happened five years ago in November. Back then, I didn’t have this blog to write about my amazing experience, yet despite the meltdown I was going through that whole trip, I still have strongly imprinted in my brain the magic of India.

India: one could only hate it or love it. Due to the strong contrasts, the uncomfortable reality, the awful or amazing smells and colours, due to Taj Mahal and that love story – one can always dream of that, or you have Taj Mahal to believe it can be, due to the unbearable heat, the crazy traffic or the incredible gastronomical feast, I just loved it on the spot.

It was not an easy journey. Going through terrible distress and in the middle of what turned out to be only the beginning of madness, this trip was filled with great new friends, with spices and promises of safaris, with chai and naan bread, with holiness and yoga and warmth of Indian people, that made me feel a bit like Lady Di. Loved.

I couldn’t even imagine it otherwise. This whole country is incredible and words cannot fairly describe it. The mix of colours, smells, noises, exotic fruits, the gods, the holy temples, the forts, the mystical landscapes and the cohabitation of man and animal, makes this magical land one of the most intriguing, romantic and full of contrasts.

The strongest impression, when I think of India, is about its people. Despite the violent contrasts between poor and rich, despite the rather humble living and means of living, Indian people do have their hearts open. Open with love, curiosity and generosity. One could never imagine that having literally no earthly possessions will make you more human than a human of late capitalism.

The full display of temples and stories, the magic of superstition and traditions, the raw life and its cruel realities, put me on my knees, in awe with this ancient land. I had no idea, before visiting, that India has more than 780 spoken and In use languages. Can you even imagine the complexity and cultural diversity of this kind of historical heritage? Hard to imagine, I agree.

There is still a lot to see there, I haven’t experienced all. I hope to go back one day and have another kick of excitement with the incredible India.


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