The one where “The Savages” lose hope

While the Plague continues to ravage their world, The Savages impatience is growing exponentially.

After three weeks of isolation it can be observed that panic, anxiety, anger and a morbid silence provoked by the worrisome disease is taking over the communities. The streets are empty. Entire metropolitan areas that used to beam with tumultuous life have become now dramatic lifeless scenes.

People are no longer keeping up with the enthusiasm. They can’t. The incertitude of life is unbearable.

The Savages had in their mind all scheduled. Before this, it was all clear, lives were lived with fervour in one direction clearly defined. What now? What humans are supposed to do now? There is another set of rules. And facing their own demons is no easy thing. No, this thing has to stop.

Not ever The Savages have been aware of the raw loneliness of their lives. Faced with the truth some of them cannot hide the despair. And desperation is ugly.

Now, more than ever: “All the anxiety we bear with us, all our thwarted dreams, the incomprehensible cruelty, our fear of extinction, the painful insight into our earthly condition, have slowly eroded our hope of an other-wordly salvation. The howl of our faith and doubt against the darkness and silence, is one of the most awful proofs of our abandonment and our terrified, unuttered knowledge.” Do you think it’s like that? Persona

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