We are in this together

As a new reality is coming upon us, everyday waking up into a world of uncertainty and isolation, most people are confined in their homes with the loved ones, facing different challenges from their usual existence, my thoughts are shifting towards the ones that are, actually, facing the isolation alone and how they cope at individual level.

Many of you, my friends, might feel the confinement more acutely and, i trust that, even with all the communication devices and tools at our disposal, we can still feel that human interaction is an essential element, for us to feel connected and keep our mental health within “normal parameters”.

Since this one is not as easy exercise, i came up with a few tips to help us all, in the moments we feel overwhelmed and negative emotions are taking over:

  1. What helps most, i believe, is to keep a healthy routine. Wake up, take your shower, breakfast, coffee – do exactly what you used to do when you we’re supposed to go to the office. Change your sleeping outfit with your casual home outfit(put that dress, suit whatever makes you happy), don’t sleep in too long, keep your morning routine, get active, up and going.
  2. Separate your work space from your sleeping/resting space. Is important to keep the working space in a different room than the one that usually serves as a resting space/watch TV space/ reading space. Why? Because making this distinction, will give you a clear boundary and help you get more disciplined with your working hours, breaks and you will shift your mode from work mode to relax mode.
  3. Avoid checking the news every time your devices bleep with yet, another new important development of the situation. Checking the media outlets and reading all the information out there is triggering our anxiety and it doesn’t help in this situation. Yes, check the news once or twice a day, if you must, however, try to keep up with reliable media platforms by having accurate information, no need to go into apocalyptic scenarios or world conspirators incoming from the Freemasonry.
  4. Keep a daily diary with friends and/or family by any communication mean you see feasible. This will help you feel sane and more in tune with your closed ones and will give a new healthy routine to look forward. We all have that one friend or family member that will make the situation look lees dire with their clown approach, and surely, that’s exactly what we need right now.
  5. Take an online yoga/Pilates/dance – you can find these days a lot of the studios moved their sessions online, keep yourself moving, take some trips around your flat, go up and down the stairs of your building and if you can, take a walk around your block just to clear your head. Sports helps always and if you are not a fan, now is the time to start changing your habits. Who knows, you might even get to enjoy it by the end of this adventure.
  6. Eating. Oh, eating. This one can be tricky. If in a usual day at the office you had a clear schedule and overview of your lunch and snacks, being at home might feel like it’s easier to indulge into that cracker or chocolate or whatever raise your serotonin levels on short term. Try to be reasonable. Don’t stock up junk in your pantry – you will simply eat it while binge on that new series on Netflix. As i mentioned earlier, it’s easier if you keep the same routine for your lunch – if cooked at home, the better. You can even become a master chef at the end of this madness.
  7. Binge watching TV or Netflix or Amazon or whatever else is there. I know it’s easy to fall into that. Is just brain numbing and it’s comfortable and you don’s have to process to much while you are just displaying your favourite series, is just there to make you feel better. Yet, i dare say, it is also a slippery slope. Too much is too much as with everything else. Have a break – watch an hour or two a day, if that makes you feel better but if you just end up beyond midnight in front of that screen know that is going to make you feel terrible the next day. The same effect as with the junk food. So, why not, finish that book that awaits for you since a few months? Or start that drawing class online? or quantum physics, if you like. It will work your mind and by the end, you will have a nice drawing. 🙂
  8. If, at the end of the day, nothing of that works – feel free to give me a sign. I will definitely try to help in any way i can, and i propose a FB watch party of kittens/dogs/elephants or dolphins taking over the world.

I am positive that after having experiencing this, we will all come out on the other side, better,stronger, more emphatic one to another, will understand smaller things makes us happier and being among humans enriches us and gives us purpose, we will reassess our priorities and life choices.

Be safe, stay safe, don’t go out and wash your hands.


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