Black Mirror Episode “Day 5”

As the self imposed quarantine continues, the Natural Born humans discover new ways of living. Since in the “imperfect world” there is no imposed order, the Savages must show resilience, self control, compassion, empathy, altruism and other characteristics that are not in their habits.

Some governments show surprisingly good management of the pandemic and, even more surprising, their Savages respect the new imposed rules. In contrast, others are incapable to act, and communities panic starting to display erratic behaviours putting in danger the more frail and vulnerable of their own.

On individual level, more and more Savages begin to realise the threat is real and fear takes over showing creative mechanisms helping them to cope with the new world dynamics.

Almost all “natural born” choose mockery and dark humour as coping mechanism, others stock on food and household items, others buy books, others have anxiety and panic attacks, some start working out like there is no tomorrow, the elderly take a dignified attitude by saying that death it’s only a matter of time.

No one is immune to the virus and time is moving slowly taking over the “imperfect world” into a passible agony of waiting for the cure. Until then, only the fittest Savages and the one with strongest self control will survive.

To be continued. Namaste Be safe, stay safe.

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