Be a lady they said

Be a Lady They Said

Paul McLean on Vimeo.

This particular clip created quite the stirs. I resonate deeply with pretty much all the lines narrated here. Only that feels like yet, many things are still left unsaid . Seeing it more than once, I started counting how many of those I have encountered and more. So here it is, coming from both women or men, no exception:

Why are you so angry?

Why you are laughing so loud? It’s vulgar for a girl.

Why do you talk like that? These are not lady like words.

Oh, you looked younger from behind.

You look so young for your age!

You look a bit to skinny. Eat some more.

You are fat. Do some sports.

My friends are not promiscuous as yours. In my circle no one talks like that.Maybe you should change your crowd.

You have a tattoo? white trash people wear a tattoo.

You put a bit too much make up today?

You look a bit tired.

Why don’t you smile more?

You dress too young for your age.

What is this outfit? It makes you look like a boy.

I’ve noticed you start letting yourself go.

Don’t slouch!

Why are you complaining? You have a job and a place to sleep, you are part of the fortunate ones.

Urghh you have so many opinions.

You are ignorant.

You are not so bright, get a job, no need to go to university.

Oh, it’s too hard for you. You will never learn a foreign language.

You learned how to send emails in Romania?

You are a bit blonde, are you?

Oh, you passed with an A your Bachelor thesis? I didn’t even expected you will finish those studies.

You can afford to go in this vacation? Why do you need to go so far? We have beaches around here.

You will be a failure and a whore, just like your mother.

You should get married.

You must keep up, a man IS there for you.

It’s time for you to have a baby. You are not getting any younger.

Don’t settle for this, you can do better.

Don’t you have no pride? Stop crying like a little girl, you are a grown up.

Don’t make a scene, why can you not wait until we leave the restaurant?

You are making me uncomfortable, why can you not adjust your tone?

You are being unreasonable, know your place.

Where IS your father? You don’t have one?

Oh, you ARE a bastard, not even your own father wanted you.

You are ugly.

The list could continue but I’ll stop here. I am sure many of us experienced at least the same amount, if not more “corrective” uncalled for advices. And, equally, there will also exist that percentage of women that will say out loud: “I have never been discriminated because I am a woman.” you lucky 🍀 girl!

Girls. Girls. Girls. Magazine

“Be a Lady They Said”

Words: Camille Rainville
Narrator: Cynthia Nixon
Director: Paul McLean
Music: Louis Souyave
Post: Mini Content
Producer: Claire Rothstein

#bringingbackthewoman #girlsgirlsgirlsmag #bealady


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