2020 post apocalyptic journal

Mercury Retrograde is back to hunt our lives and i am back with it, to complain about.

I will try not to (complain), however, it’s very hard since the dark winter is not gone , Dennis The Storm is friendly haunting us and it’s not even the end of February.

The year started pretty strong, and i am not a bit surprised, since nothing ever changed only because 2019 turned into 2020, or something like that. When i say strong, i want to say “crap” – but i don’t actually talk like that, despite what some of you might think.

I have literally no words these days (as George Constanza would say “I am speechless, i have no speech!”), there is a numbness and lack of vitality that are only shaken slightly by the prospect of a vacation.

When i hear vacation, this magic word that in my head is only linked with sandy sunny beaches and a turquoise calm sea. And don’t you dare say “you just returned from vacation!because we cannot call it that. I will not get into details, because boring and even I am fed up with my existential dramas.

To real bad news is that Corona (the virus, not the beer) reached Europe and havoc and panic is already taking over.

All things considered, is not all that bad this Mercury Retrograde. Harvey W. was found guilty (I wanted to say that pig, yet it would be an offense to the cute little/big pigs). Even tough there are some question marks there, we leave that to the judicial system (or do we?).

Furthermore, veganism has a strong start this year (alleluhaj to you Joaquin!) hence, less red meat consumption, hence less animal killing, hence less water consumption, hence long live earth. You get my point.

On a more positive note, spring is almost there and we don’t really care about the financial markets anyway❤️


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