The social pressure to drink

As the year comes to the end, as usual, the celebrations get ahead and people start organising the pre- fun of the actual festive days to come.

So there are a few weeks before that, where you will probably attend a series of parties and social gatherings, supposedly to wind up after the hard work during the year and to get some celebratory feeling that we all HAVE to get into.

Nothing wrong with parties or cake or alcohol or binge eating your guts out. So far. Being a good friend, colleague and/or family you say yes to all the invitations without skipping a beat to support the madness.

The trend that completely drives me insane tough, is when someone is asking me( more than once): “why aren’t you drinking? You are no fun, come on! Lose it a little! “

There are two questions deriving from that: first of all “why drinking is supposed to make me fun?” And “why do I have to be fun to begin with?” Can I not be myself ? what makes people think that drinking will change my personality and become this amazing fun person ( that I am often without alcohol enhancers or any other type for that matter).

So having to answer to the 1st question is already enough to make me anxious about any social gathering, in general. I sometimes drink but more than often I don’t. Do I have to explain people why I don’t? Like, not having a glass makes me a pariah of the party, “the party pooper”, as they say or simply the boring girl that is not drinking.

Often you give in the pressure just to get away without the pestering. Or you pretend having “gin tonic” while your glass is pure mineral water, alcohol free. And so, people are happy. “Oh good, thank goodness, I thought you are not drinking anything!” Why people feel the need to have your alcohol intake under control? where is this coming from?

My explanation was that there is this “belief”: if one is not drinking is impossible to have fun. Which goes to my second question. Is fun imperative? Why is fun so important and why I need to make sure that is happening? My simple self is not good enough? As a friend put it: I’ve had my share of fun, i simply evolved and my idea of fun comes from so many other things, alcohol not being a priority or simply not doing the trick anymore.

So, you are one of those that brag about being completely wasted at the party last night? I am not impressed.


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