Dark Friday mornings

Fridays. The eternal day of hope for all the corporate people out there.

Early December, on a Friday. Waking up at 7 (is this even an hour to be awake at any level?), it’s dark all right. The decision – it’s really too dark to get up. So you stare at your ceiling a bit more until you are really late for you to go in the office. Yet, you have too. Yes, but you cannot leave the house without having a coffee. So you take your time in making one. Take even a slower shower, you need a bit of motivation really. After two hours that are too short for you to be in any state of meeting people, you drag yourself out of the house.

Since it’s winter, it’s really cold. You got used to that. To make things better, it’s raining, still dark, you are in Belgium after all. Now, you are really late. You decide to take the tram – if will ever arrive. It only arrives after 10 minutes. Not so bad. Arghhh – first contact with people. They are all wet and look at you with hate and disgust, it’s ok, you feel the same. They dont move an inch so you can have some personal space. Ok, hold your breath and close your eyes, they might disappear. Nope, it doesn’t happen, still there.

Now, you think you won a few minutes. Wanna bet? You did not. Something happened somewhere in the city and created chaos, even more chaos. Sirens and car honks everywhere. Oh, i just wish i we’re somewhere warm. Like the office. Not yet. the tram doesn’t move for a few good minutes. Almost there, oh wait, now, you are blocked in the tram right before your last stop. Oh, well, you are already late. What’s a few minutes more.

Finally, it moves!!!! You get out, in the merciless weather. Now it’s even windy and your umbrella carries you away like you are Mary effing Poppins. More humans are pushing you. Just a few more minutes and you are almost there. You see a few teenagers eating croissants in the rain – that i get, it happened to me as well. They look happy.

Still rainy, dark and windy. But hey, you are almost there. Getting in the elevator after searching your badge for a few minutes. Now, you have to put on a smile. Your work smile. People in the elevator look as relived as you to be inside. They make some noises like they just finished a battle. Almost one hour later: yep, that is exactly how it felt, like a battle to get in here.

At least there is chocolate here. And coffee. Oh, Fridays.

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