Mercury in Retrograde is over

So is my patience with it. November is usually one of the months of the year that gets you hyped and super busy trying to finish what you didn’t managed during the year. So you, (ok, me), start shoving all the things on the list that remained (un)ticked in the hope that this year you will manage to achieve that year resolution list.

Jokes aside, (Mercury is no joke i am telling you, it was literally here most of November and it was painful), no one doubts that you are trying your best. Of course, there is a pun. We all have that friend that is super busy and pushy and tried hard to overachieve and thinks that the universe is all about them.

This doesn’t give anyone the right to be an ass. Actually don’t be an ass at all, if possible. Don’t lecture your friend about how to plan their life, don’t lecture your friends at all. I agree you can share whats bothering you and be frank, still don’t be a condescending jerk. Don’t be hypocrite and shift blame, don’t take things personally – is not always about you and life doesn’t revolve around your schedule and your priorities.

Anyway, i started to give a lecture and i am not your life coach. You see, it’s easy to see when you cross the line.

Namaste to all and hope that December will not get you all over-hyped and crazy with hysteria.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

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