black friday, black widow, black is the new black

I know you’ve missed me, so voila, i am back.

Don’t i always? As the norm in the winter, my hibernation is right on, this one is no exception. Especially since i have moved in my ultra Instagram(ble) new place. It was a hassle, but hey, it was all worth it. Now, i would literally throw money out of the window if i would even leave my apartment. So spending expensive time on my couch is the new black.

Since you asked (no one, ever) – I just want to share with you my opinion on the ultra advertised Black Friday. Black Friday originates from the early capitalist (american) day showing signs of disruptive hectic traffic due to the shopping before the Thanksgiving day – you could say is equal to the pre Christmas chaos that we all know very well.

Also, you know that anyone who wants to make an honest ‘buck’ (pun intended), is coming out with “cheaper” products/services etc that we’re actually increased in price just a week before. Again, is just marketing people, not rocket science. Plus why on earth i would even want to be in a shopping mall or a shop all together when there are so many people in there? for those of you who have social anxiety, you see where i am going with this.

You will say, yes, but i can also shop online. Yes, you can. Also – do you really need all that plastic? all that clothes coming in shiny boxes with the price tag attached as a trophy? all that garbage that will end up polluting and killing the environment? Be honest with yourself, a piece of shiny material will make you feel better for about a second about your lousy life, furthermore, it will all be forgotten in the back of your closet and will end up, best case scenario, in the giveaway box next year when you declutter your wardrobe.

Well, i am not to be the hypocrite here, i used to buy my happiness in batches. In time, however, i learned to educate myself to know my (also financial) limits and the way to a more sustainable living. Not that i am perfect in that way. Yet, i avoid cheap plastic everything. Because plastic literally is everywhere, I learnt that is even in the water we drink everyday, even more if you buy it in a plastic bottle.

I will not be the advocate of the devil here, nor Greta, god forbidden, all i am trying to say: can we think twice before buying so much? Can we not try and be honest with our real needs and in the end, why not trying to re use things? every kind of things? buy that second hand (or curated if it sounds more fancy to you) bag or dress, or car (ok, maybe not the best example). Buy that flea market bargain, if will feel even nicer, i promise you that.

That being said, I will let you with that shopping list. Careful now, you will have to do it, I know, yet it can be nice if you try to do other type of gifts: like time and love, you see my point there.


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