The Worst Guidance For Adulting

I imagine that, if you are anything like me, you also googled, at least once, the sentence: “how to be a responsible adult”. I also imagine you tried it all and still feel that with all the advice you get, is still not enough to make you feel that you’re doing it right.

However, instead of learning lessons of what an adult should be and behave, i learnt some things that as a grown up (!) person i shouldn’t.

Since I promised myself (and to you my reader, whoever you are) that I would never give any advice on how to live and travel your life, I won’t, I will just share my experience, not so limited anymore, which is getting scary already.

Look, I get it: being an adult in 2019 is no picnic. If you are not born a Kardashian, chances are that you get to work hard to pay your bills, your rent, or whatever tax your government is making you pay for breathing (and if it happens that you are not a family, as in at least two people, the government will punish you and make you pay more taxes because you don’t procreate, which is basically a gift for humanity and the overpopulated Earth, anyway this is another story, this is a story for another time). So, paying for your daily food, you might also want to have a savings account, prepare for your old times (fast approaching, I assure you), help all those orphans in Romania, and what about the global warming that kills those polar bears? And when you will do all that traveling to help those people build some schools for girls (so important!) since you cannot skip work because, as I said, you have to pay for all the above.

On top of everything, your love life is a disaster, your family gave hope you’ll settle down and have a family finally, they are just asking nowadays if you had a meal, at least that day. The level of trust.

It is kind of enough to make you feel that you are watching a slow movie of your life falling apart. You all know that scene from GOT: Shame! Shame! Shame! ….

Hey, it doesn’t have to be that hard. My most recent lesson is that: health is the most important thing. I am not talking only about eating healthy and exercise, but the whole package. Do those yearly check ups, I know it’s a pain: all the appointments and waiting rooms and the disproving glares of the doctors (irresponsible bastard, ruining social welfare for others because you are not capable to do your health check on time, so basically your treatment will cost more. No, really I am not dying) – I tried, it sucks but afterwards you pat yourself on the shoulder and think: that’s so grown up of me.

Meet your friends more, internet less, learn how to budget (jeez, this kills me, I’ll admit it), take your time, be gentle and more compassionate with yourself, learn how to cook, get a plant – it’s much easier if it dies than your dog ( harsh experience), respect everyone (I get it, this one is truly hard), judge less – we are all going through same shit, some hide it very well and it’s shocking when you learn about life experiences of some other people.

One very important thing I’ve got: stop comparing yourself with others. I mean, just stop. I end up only putting so much pressure on myself for being so inadequate and it only adds up to all that anxiety above.

This being said, after barely surviving this Mercur in retrograde, I feel we can make it.And I won’t give up to that bloody expedition to Kamchatka.

Allez, kisses on your chakras, it’s a whole new month ahead and will get past it. Dead or alive, that is.

One comment

  1. I like your writing style, but I do have one question: What does Mercur in this sentence mean?

    This being said, after barely surviving this Mercur in retrograde, I feel we can make it.

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