Politically correct much?

It is more than often that i am struck by the political correctness that is blinding our speech (or small talk, non important chats) nowadays.

I understand political correctness. I understand why we need it and, you would be surprised, i even understand the rational of it all.

Still. Is suffocating me sometimes. It feels i cannot properly express a point without someone being offended – without having anything to do with the subject – and it is ridiculous. It doesn’t exist a generic consensus on what constitute political correctness. What that even means? It means that literally anything you say can be insulting to someone.

Now, with the risk of sounding like a well known globally known clown, i think that political correctness is a rotten egg that is suffocating communication. At all levels. I literally cannot talk about a subject, that someone will feel excluded, included, discriminated, marginalised, disadvantaged, insulted and so on. I am literally afraid to speak my mind in certain circumstances – i am sure someone will find it incorrect.

What i find politically incorrect, in another part of the world can be completely acceptable and vice-versa.So yes, being correct at all times is very much biased by our cultural background, experiences and personal battles that we fight each day. I cannot possibly be upset with you for your point of view. I can disagree, i can argue, i can refuse to listen. But i cannot imply that you intend to offend me just because you say it out loud.

The debate is not new and it comes with tons of arguments from each side. Yet, as i read recently – maybe we should not call it political correctness anymore. A new term should be found – since we cannot impose criminal penalties for making offensive jokes. Is like you agree with ISIS for attacking Charlie Hebdo for their cartoons.

I mean. Really. Yes, words hurt, create havoc and lead to violence. It is rather a “common sense” matter rather than politically correct one. You know that you are homophobic or racist or a xenophobe. Just don’t be one.

It always comes down to the “free will”. You know – that magic power that God gave you to agree with him and punish you in case you didn’t. Use your “free will” as long as it doesn’t interfere with another human well being. It’s really not that hard.

Anyway. Namaste

Nota bene – the above text is not intended of being offensive, oppressive or to cause distress to anyone.


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