Plastic salad or emergency soup?

That is the question my friends, that is the question.

Leaving aside all the important stuff happening on the continent or ailleurs, do you know that hunger feeling after one intense workout? Well, if you don’t – good for you, I am not judging your lack of discipline (or do I ?) and if you do know this feeling, you also know that you could eat basically everything that comes your way.

Now, you don’t want to ruin all the work with junk food or some unhealthy choices ( oh, but I do!). So this time I had two (!) options in the little cafeteria at my gym ( because I decided i cannot make until I arrive home, i will eat people on the way, die of starvation or decompose because of the lack of substance in my body, you get the point): so, there was this plastic salad 🥗 – if you live in Belgium you will understand, otherwise let me explain: it is some plastic in a bowl that looks like salad but still taste like plastic. My second choice would be a vegetable soup. No, it’s NOT your home made mother’s soup, but rather a green liquid, a bit puréed, freshly vomited.

So now, you see my dilemma. Finally, I decided to go for the soup, which tasted way better than its looks.

Everyone was safe on the streets afterwards. And, yes, of course It happened that I have some chocolate at home. What am i, a sociopath?

What would you do faced with such a dilemma friend? Are you surprised about the amount of blabbering I can produce about soup? Me too.

Until we meet again.

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