Change (s)

I have an extreme aversion to change. That’s right. Every time it occurs ( big or small) I roll my eyes: here we go again.

Even though, since i know myself change has been the only constant in my life, you would think that, by now, i got used to it. Yet, somehow, i never handle changes well.

Any expert, (read Guru), will tell you: learn how to manage your emotions, so that emotions don’t lead you. Well, that’s easy to say. In practice, change creates much havoc in my brain, even though it has little to do with rationale. Any kind of change. Mostly it happens with people. When people (i care) disappear from my life, for one reason or another, my brains get foggy and unable to cope with the actual state of affairs. Sure, it is different with people we care about. Other mechanisms come into place to protect us from grief and/or loss.

Mostly, changes are, as a fact, good. Tested and proven, all the changes I’ve been through over the years, have proven to be beneficial and, almost, always something good or better followed. Yet, my brain gets soooo triggered when this happens. Either i completely block the actual situation to the point that i don’t even recognise it as a fact, so my brain behaves like nothing is happening, or, if by a miracle i recognise the change rationally, it becomes an emotional journey in itself. And that is good.

I think i am a lucky one, since these emotional state of affairs happen once in a while. I get to cry from seeing a scene in a movie, seeing an impossibly cute dog with those puppy eyes (admit it, that gets you too, sometimes),  or bumping into a stranger in the metro or a yoga trainer correcting my posture (that’s right, i am THAT sensitive), or some days even when i get a simple “hello”. I call it luck because i have the chance to release all that emotions. I think a lot of people don’t have it so easy.  More than often i don’t understand my own emotions. It is called emotional intelligence after all and some days are utterly hopeless.

Hmm, yes. Coming back to change: in the end it is the only constant. Embrace it.



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