Days like these

I must admit that sometimes I get extremely provoked when people say stupid things online. Ok, I get extremely provoked if they talk, in general, but online is another story.

Is a complete provokation at so many levels. Online we become Gods. There is nothing will stop us from being plain dumb, playing the intellectual or insulting others simply because we can.

So the best example is when actually people I know start posting an extreme opinion about something. An opinion is not an opinion though until is not insulting. And it is true that more than often I get triggered and start a long thread trying to reason with that person. Wrong move. Never try to reason online. Is like trying to fry eggs on a frozen lake. You get the point.

What I wanted to say: online we are still us. An extension of us, yet still us. So, if your behavior online is different from your real one with such a great degree, what that says about you?

Kisses on your chakras (translated from Romanian and quoted accordingly).

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