Les roudoudous Guadeloupéens

Les Guadeloupéens – as much as you can find them – and you cannot see too many unfortunately – they are the epitome of happy life. They live on a constant “happytude”and they are kind and optimistic, having that kind of “joie de vivre” you can only find in some particular regions of the world. Their approach to living – as far as I could see from my modest interaction with them – is that life is made to be enjoyed. To dance, to swim in the ocean, to eat healthy and have a modest approach on the materialistic world. I thought 💭- of course, is easy to regard life lightly with this kind of beautiful and amazing nature, having the sun always shining. The sun rises fairly early here and sets again around 18hrs. The thing is that, when the sun is up so early is not hard to wake up early – I experience this here everyday. Come to think of it, if I have to wake up before 7am in Brussels feels like purgatory. So I can experience a different kind of morning with the nature being so generous.

The attitude is to put some optimism in any sort of situation. If there is a traffic jam and you ask – “is this a very busy hour to drive around? This road is jammed?” – the answer will never be yes, but something like: “no, the road is fine, just better to avoid it sometime” 🙂 how freakin’ cool that is?

Again, doing a parallel with Brussels – the hell comes loose in the traffic hours peak. And people love to complain about traffic, is just a pandemic of our times. Of course we should never compare because there is never a traffic jam here.

Another thing that strikes me – the amazingly wild nature. Is the kind of nature untamed by the humans and that is the most beautiful that exists. I’ve seen a lot of amazing sceneries during my (not so) extensive experience as a traveller – and I love it when humans live in harmony with the nature without trying to restrict it in any way.

Ok, bad poetry comes easy here – so you will forgive me for the above.

I’ll go take a dip in the impossible turquoise sea and finish that book.

Namaste 🙏

“Roudoudou- french nickname that technically means caramel candy” 🙂

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