Is France!! It was always you France❤️🥥

You ought to know that while I am writing this (or rather try to upload pictures), I am on a secluded magnificent beach and right next to me there is a little girl drying her labrador friend with a towel. Yes, I know.

First time I went to the south of France it was a dream. And sure, all the other times, but first times are always the most memorable, right?

Even though Guadeloupe is on a (almost) different planet, it is France all the way darlings. You get the Caribbean Creole vibe AND all the french goodies: even the amazing baguettes, minus the pretentious and/or tasteless stuff.

The locals are genuinely nice – in this sense not really french like. And the local food, oh my god, the food.

There isn’t yet any strange creature , in the water or land, wanting a piece of me so far, so good.

So there is an accurate picture of me for a while:

Plus the cliche and cultural (in)appropriation of this trip:

Voilà, on popular demand the report about Guadeloupe so far.

La vie en (est) rose babes!

Namaste 🙏

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