It’s a wish

I have never been a fan of birthdays. Especially mine.

For various reasons. Well, why i would celebrate getting one year older? and why all the fuss about? i mean, since i am an adult (!oh, well, let’s just assume that i am one) i can have cake anytime i want, if i really want something i will simply just buy (going along with the bolder assumption that i am a functional adult, ha!). Plus, my birthday is in January – which is very close to all the end of the year craze and madness.

And let’s be honest, if we need a reason to drink we can find plenty of occasions, no need to add the pressure of a birthday.

Therefore, this year i decided to donate my birthday. Since 2018 was a particularly difficult year and i have learnt that a bit of help would go a long way, i thought it would be nice to be able to pay forward. I am truly blessed and grateful to have a hand of good friends that put up with my constant whining and helped me by simply being

I chose  to help “Centre de Prévention du Suicide – Belgique” because is the most obvious option for the cause i want to support.  I think is necessary to help organisations that help individuals pro bono –  making a huge difference in one’s life by lending a  helping hand.

It feels like depression is (still) taboo and mental health issues that continues to exist among otherwise intelligent individuals it is (!) perplexing. Because of the unjustified stigma, a great majority of those suffering from depression will not get treated. They will suffer in silence ashamed of their emotional vulnerability.

Depression is definitely a deeply personal thing and opening up about it in a society that is not equipped/comfortable talking about it makes it even more difficult.

So, you can call me a dreamer or an idealist but i think change starts within us. We all can and should be doing something to improve our condition and, if possible, help others too. You might think is pointless and a small contribution doesn’t change much, i tell you the smallest effort pays off.

Below you can find a link where you can donate for my cause.

Have a fantastic year and don’t forget to fly!

Love ya all!

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