Help. Self help

I don’t think that i have ever seen in bookstores such a big offer of books touching feminism/gender equality/self help – topics as much as I see these days.

You don’t believe me? just take a trip to any bookstore and convince yourself. It’s amazing. You would think that with such a variety we are all equally tolerant, equally good and LGBTQ+ aware and understanding, less judgemental, perfectly educated having the best emotional intelligence and empathy etc etc.

But, nope. Yet, in the same time, I have never seen displayed so much hatred, intolerance, fear, frustrations and violence against a particular minority for the simple reason that they are different. Different sexual orientation, different beliefs, different values, different skin colour, different continent, different anything. And you would argue that was there all along, except we couldn’t see it as clear as we see it now due to the mass of communication channels that make that possible.

I mean discrimination is discrimination and we cannot place one form of discrimination above another, yet I just want to focus on a particular aspect: Hate speech against women. I have never seen so much hatred towards women as I can see in today’s news, political propaganda, blogs, forums, any form of media you follow – online or offline. Everywhere you can find a piece against women. Either directly or indirectly- women are treated with contempt, condescension, humour, disgust, or ignored all together. I mean, let’s not forget in some countries, like Saudi Arabia – women had no right to vote until 2011! Yes, you read that right, 2011 – just a few years back. You will argue that Saudi Arabia is not the best example. Because of the politico- social cultural religious background etc etc. Ok, you are right. What about Portugal? where all restrictions were only lifted in 1975. 1975. All right? That’s only 43 years ago exactly.

You will say that, ok, humans are learning their lessons slowly and it takes time to move to utopia world where we are all equal and where cultural coutumes are broken to reach a perfect state of equality between genders. That some countries are slow in adapting to the new world and we carry our cultural burden within, without even being aware. And I agree – still why the opposite of the good is faster to disseminate and take over? Is something deeply wrong with our ancestral DNA? Yes, I am actually asking this question.

Ok. I am happy about the great selection of books out there, also I would hope that more and more of us get access to self educating literature. I would also hope that we get some serious self doubt and questioning our deeply imprinted Cultural DNA. But seeing the internet of all things pouring with hate speech, propaganda, ignorance and fear – I truly believe we are in minority. Seeing my own people (as in Romanian government) holding a referendum to define the family (????) in the constitution hence also indirectly towards women ( i said also) – and the followers that go by that agenda, oh well, it’s a sad, sad world. And even more ignorant than 40 years ago.

Otherwise, all good, namaste.

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