LAGOM – when less is so much more

Malmö->>Göteborg->>Marstrand->>Vadstena->>Uppsala->> Stockholm

Or the impossible cool Sverige tour.

For those of you that know me, you already know my absolute weakness for All Things Sweden. My latest trip to the land of Vikings started in Malmö and ended in Stockholm with all kinds of experiences. In the land of the most beautiful people and the moose I biked, I hiked, I eat crayfish, I’ve seen some stunning nature sceneries, I got to understand a bit of the history and culture , I walked some more and it was every bit what I expected and some more unexpected.

Living harmoniously with the nature, they respect it and protect it religiously – as we all should. There is no denying that Swedes are beautiful. Inside and outside. And very much cool, the inventors of hipsterism probably. Casually displaying their perfection in sports attire usually, almost no make up (maybe just some pretty boys), with gadgets hanging from their pockets and the never missing coffee on the go, the Swedes show that LAGOM is the secret.

LAGOM – just the right amount (no less and no more)

OK – maybe less with their coffee or the addictive lakrits – liquorice, since It got me hooked I cannot judge them for it.

Here it is Sweden. Be like Sweden.

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