It’s coming home

Now, that we lost the game (see what i did here?) i can finally write about my weekend in London.

Every time i was in London the weather was crap. Every single time. Except this summer. I was, oh, so enchanted by sunny London.  Because sun makes miracles to everything it touches, i can confirm it was magical.

It happened that was also Gay Pride last Saturday, next to England playing for the world championship and another big event – The Cure having its epic 40’s anniversary in Hyde Park – all in the same day. As you can imagine it was festive.

So London did not disappoint. I will say something that might infuriate many, yet I’ll say it anyway: England seems that is having a blast after the recent break up. It’s partying and enjoying the life taking things slowly, I think it passed the rebound phase and is realising that life can be better without a constant nagging partner. Maybe I am wrong or that’s just wishful thinking.

London is stunningly open minded and, as usual, left a strong impression on me. Every time I go there it feels like a new journey in a place that has a lot to offer.

It is impressive to observe that plastic straws are almost nowhere to be found and replaced with some more environmentally friendly ones. Camden is so much fun and colourful, who knew that English are so funny and self ironic?, the parks are impossibly beautiful and green and they have such fantastic donuts?

Fashion game is also strong here, how else? And since I felt adventurous I bought myself a pair of Dr. Martens that I wore to THE concert (!) only to walk barefoot afterwards, otherwise they might have cut my legs (bad idea to wear new boots in a summer night), but that’s another story.

Long story short, London is awesome.

Namaste (Its coming home)

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