First time i went to London i was still a student. Oh, the golden years. It was when the low cost airlines introduced cheap flights to Romania and, i remember that, i paid 60 EUR for a return flight. Still a fortune back then but what a memorable good investment. It was my first trip outside Romania and boy, what a trip that was.

I can tell you this: for the girl coming from a small city in North East Romania, London was Babilonia, the city of Sin and the epitome of a world that i was incapable to imagine. The word that comes to my mind about that first contact with the raw capitalism is “Mindblow”. I remember vividly all the sensations, the smells, the amazing architecture, Big Ben, the Westminster palace, the mix of people – so very different – colorful and  decadent, the girls wearing sandals and impossibly short dresses without stockings at about 12 degrees, the food – “Pret a Manger” seemed like one of the coolest place one could have a hipster coffee.

I remember also very clear the museums. It was incredible that almost all we’re free and the imposant architecture left a strong impression on me. Back then, i was a political sciences student and Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Sciences was my bible, therefore being in England, the birthplace of modern democracy (!) was sort of the highlight of my life. Meanwhile, i’ve learnt more and England doesn’t seem such a cool place, yet London is one of those places that has a particular charm with a sophisticated British accent.

Another thing that i remember from that trip is that i bought two pair of shoes. You know those little shops where you can find all the shoes in the world at only 5 pounds? Yes, and i bought not one, but two pairs! I wore those shoes for years to follow even if one pair was silver (as in SILVER) but i was so in love with those shoes that they become my  signature (!) for the years to come. When i literally couldn’t wear it anymore because they become too torn of so much use, i was heartbroken. I am still searching for those exact type of shoes, even though is hopeless.

The impossible cool people of London -with their office outfits, or the party dresses and cool underground washed denim like outfits or “unsophisticated” well premeditated outfits screaming “i don’t care enough to dress well” – they totally blew my mind and teached me that identity has a lot to do (also) with your outfit.

I have a lot to say about London, and why now you ask? Because i am going to London beibi. To be continued after the weekend…


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