The Maya (civilization) challenge

Some important discoveries made in my latest journey.  First: I love peanut butter. Second: I can eat impressive amounts of water melon and still not have enough. I mean: impressive. Third: I always prefer a more solitary environment to a crowded city. Always.

Even more I prefer a challenge. When it comes to the tallest Maya pyramid climb, I am in! This one has 120 steps and I discovered that even during a very hot day, after a walk in the sun, still can be done even if one is not in the best shape. Mexico-Coba-Ixmoja-Pyramid-Tallest-Maya-Temple-Northern-Yucatan-600x398

OK, i was truly out of breath afterwards but, hey!, who said 120 steps climb is easy? Even for a sporty figure.

More than ever i think when people go in vacation they become different people. We (as “we humans”) disrespect the surroundings,  the nature (a moron started to smoke on a protected island after being told repeatedly it is  forbidden, someone had to stop him on the spot), disrespect the others, especially the locals and their habitat. I must disagree with myself here and say that usually, a big percentage of city people behave like assholes ALL  the time, not only during vacation.

You probably realized already that the vacation zen is gone and instead i am in the “HateCityHumans” mode. Yes, that is true. I never felt less connected with a city. This one is  loud, aggressive, dirty (literally full of shit at any corner), misogynistic, oppressive, merciless and ready to crush you at any step. Or, maybe i am just extremely tired of being in a tram/metro/tram for more than two hours a day.

End of rant. Have i mentioned that i love peanut butter? I do.



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