The old man and the sea

Senor Gato was our captain today. Isla Contoy and Isla de Mujeres we’re the islands that we explored with his help. “Senor Gato is a bit grumpy” but it’s alright said one of his colleagues. I disagree with him. Even if Captain Gato ( The Cat) is around 75/80 years young, he is definitely one of those characters that making one of a lifetime trip, memorable. First, he is short on words and you can say that he’s passionate about his sea. His gestures are short and concise, he is well known and respected by all the rest of his fellows. And he was actually very tolerant with me when I explained that I cannot swim. He started to talk to me In Spanish and told me some funny tourists stories.

It seems that the coral reef here – the second biggest in the world after the Australian coast – is a protected UNESCO heritage. I was impressed by the strict rules applied on this particular island – no smoking allowed and no sun screen allowed to be applied. The sun screen creates a filter on the reef that basically kills it. Even though it’s impressive, these measures come only after learning that the reef might be completely dead in the next twenty years. Maybe is not to late. Maybe.

And, boy: the Caribbean Sea – I understand all the fuss about. Nature is amazing in general and this particular part is perfection. The colours are truly unbelievable – turquoise or green or blue? Isla Contoy is also part of the UNESCO heritage and we have been allowed to take a short tour. We had a Romanian(!) speaking lady explaining the unbelievable way nature works here. Everything is in perfect harmony and the smallest birds have their role in this natural ecosystem.

I am in awe facing the nature. Always perfectly harmonious, nothing ever created by man equals our mysterious planet.

Stop with the bloody plastic!

Hasta pronto senor Gato! May you never lose the passion for the sea.

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