La vida es un carnaval

As you can imagine, I slept for a few good hours, maybe ten, maybe twelve?, who’s counting anyway.

We started somewhat easy and took a day to recover with sleep, the jet lag cannot be ignored, however, we did well. Over dose of vitamin D and vitamin sea.

I can not describe the colour of the water and, I think, pictures don’t do justice to this amazing Caribbean shore.

Mexico is a catholic country being a former Spanish colony, however some of the Maya – the native locals have remained to tell the story. It’s truly unfortunate that the Spanish destroyed a lot of this great civilisation remains – the Maya’s are known as the first civilisation discovered to have used or started to use hieroglyphics, in order to write. Worldwide now there are only three left manuscripts after the colonial destruction.

After one day rest, we decided to go visit some of the famous Maya places. We reached the Kukulkan temple after two hours drive from our location and i decided it was worth waking up at 6am.

The impressive temple is one of the worlds wonders, and considering they (still) worship the Sun I think they should be closely related to north Europeans (Belgians?, me?).

Flora and fauna are truly amazing and I was surprised to discover that, actually, the area is not dry at all but the vegetation is luxuriant due to the extreme humidity. Seeing a mango in a tree is definitely something. Needless to say that my diet is mainly composed of papaya, pineapple, more papaya, watermelon, more watermelon – and I cheat topping with peanut butter(and Nutella). Ok, also pancakes.

The cuisine, though fairly simple, is very tasty. The veggies taste like veggies, you can feel there is no plastic. The great variety of spices and exotic fruits, the hot chilli, the avocado ( I also eat tons of guacamole) – you can literally eat it with everything, the black beans, the coconut – oh, the fresh coconut, the Tabasco, the coffee, mescaline, the cacao- everything has flavour and it’s fresh.

And you know, I really like Maya; first things first: they invented the chocolate. They discovered the cocoa beans and they started to prepare it as a drink first. You would think that is enough to make them my favourite people. But. There is more: they were a matriarchy. And even more: they didn’t have concept of death or hate – so literally they were hatefree and death was merely a passage towards another spiritual experience.

I think I like Mexico so far. They dance, they eat, they relax and they are hungry for more ( Anthony Bourdain référence inserted here).

Hasta manana chicos!

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