End of hibernation


After a long, hibernating break i am back.  As you can imagine (or not),  in the past few months, i just needed to bury myself in the long and dark winter to be in perfect harmony with the nature. So much in harmony that i stupidly smile too much (OK, this has to do probably with my experience in the museum that proved to work like, you know: “fake it  until you make it”) – so at this point I am probably a very annoying, idiotically smiling person at people that I used to be (so poetic).

However, i have never truly disappeared, i have been in the background observing. More like working hard but that’s the part i actually enjoy (for a change). I mean besides the longest eternity winter that seems to never leave us.

Anyway, since i am planning a new exotic(!) trip i am just teasing you at this point with the promise that i will upload a lot of sunny pictures. And share my new experience with you all, as i did with my past ones. I know you enjoy a good story, and since a picture is worth a thousand words –  i will make sure upload plenty.

Hasta luego. Nos vemos.

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