The Human Flow – the movie


The Human Flow is a movie directed by Ai Weiwei – a Chinese director and artist, that is filmed in a form of documentary and is depicting detailed heartbreaking situation of migrants  in the 21st Century.

Ai Weiwei is present with his camera crew during the whole movie in various locations where migration is deeply affecting millions of people and is following the human flow in the global exodus.

The visual aesthetics of the movie together with the shocking cases of some of the presented individuals is addressing to an empathetic public ( i mean it’s impossible not to be touched by the disturbing scenes and grotesque spectacle of the human degradation)  and is not meant to delve into the politics of the migration, however listening to Ai Weiwei after the projection of his movie – he clearly has shade to throw at some guilty parties and he is not shy to point some fingers.

Ai Weiwei was present at the Belgian premiere of the Human Flow, together with the mayor of Palermo – Leoluca Orlando, to debate about the wave of migration that is currently shaking Europe . The visible discrepancy between the two was so obvious, almost painful to watch. While the Italian politician was in alignment with his agenda, he was loud and slightly pathetic, the quiet Weiwei didn’t even seem to listen to his counter-invitee and during the debate even posted an Instagram picture of his audience. At some point he made even a remark about politicians that are not worthy of being taken seriously.

Though the movie doesn’t give an answer to the issue in itself, it does ask the right questions. And Weiwei is insisting and placing his bets on the human value and how we respond to it. If we are to take into consideration that there are about 65 (sixty five!) millions people that are migrating in the world due to conflicts or wars, i would say that Weiwei is a hopeless romantic.

This being said, i recommend this movie to everyone. Is an eye opener and could even maybe change your views in some aspects.



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