A day without the sun is like, you know, night


I couldn’t leave January without telling you about the Super Moon. I have no idea what this is but according to all the scientists, astrologists and horoscope readers the Blue (Red?) Super Moon is a big deal.

Since is happening no later than after tomorrow, i urge you all to take the moon into consideration. If you feel that you want to kill people, or maybe kill yourself, or plainly you just hate everyone it must be the Super moon.

Equally, the Super Moon is guilty for pretty much everything around. I dare say that the Moon is to blame for Trump. Or for the war in Syria or the reason that humans behave like assholes. Sure, is all about the Super Moon.

Without this Super Moon – i tell you – the planet (aka The Earth) – would be a much better place.  No, i am frustrations free because its not me or the other people: is the freaking moon.

On another note, i congratulate myself (yes, this is a congratulations note to myself, i deserve it) and to you for surviving January. You deserve a Super Moon and more, because that was the test for this year. From now on, you can be relaxed and enjoy the rest of the year. Plan your vacation and what is in the plan for New Years Eve, bytheway?

And since we are talking astrology, i cannot help it and ask about the Sun. Where are you Sun? We are missing you dearly here on planet Belgique. Why do we get so many moons and no Sun?

We are  waiting for you here patiently in Dracula land. Seriously, you are loved here. I cannot see why you don’t love us back.  And no one expects four (4!) Sun’s (like the greedy Aztecs) – only one of you would be enough.  We will call you Amaterasu, Apollo, or Ra or if you like the Power. Glory. Illumination. Life force. Vitality. The source of life on earth.  Or even the psychological principle that transcends time and place.  Anything, just show us some light.

Enchanting (read rant) over.


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