January feels

Merry x-mas.

There was a dark and snowy, cold morning that early January. She was in the cold, unfriendly tramway which was one of the three cars she changed to reach her destination everyday, in her commute, the last bit of the journey.

As usual, she was late and she was impatiently bouncing her leg against the cold iron chair in front of her. In the  wagon there were two other ladies and her. A young one with a baby car and an older one. However, she was too impatient to notice any of them.

At some point the lady with the baby car starts to yell aggressively to the little person in the chair,  that was doing something apparently wrong. She takes a look, yet she couldn’t understand what the baby did to deserve such a vociferation from the mother. The child was quiet and had big brown eyes looking straight at the mother seemingly having the same question.

The tram was not moving and her impatience started to grow. At some point the older lady starts to talk loudly as to be heard by the rest. It seems that the driver decided to make a pit stop and buy a sandwich at the sandwich shop in the corner, the one with the biggest queue. It was absurd, yet true. She started to laugh so hard that she could hardly breath while she started to descend the tram, in order to walk for the rest of the way.

She felt so much mockery. All she could do was laugh. Really loud and from all her lungs. The two ladies looked at her like she was crazy except that she felt she was the only sane left. She read somewhere, at some point, that when you are sure you will go crazy that is a sure sign of mental sanity. So, she must be probably OK. This was a perfect characterization of her life. The Kafkaesque situation was too absurd not to be true. She could feel the cold winter air in her lungs and she took a deep breath. The oxygen started immediately to work and calm took over. She walked for about twenty more minutes and enjoyed every snowflake she could feel on her cheeks.

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