My year is about people

2017. I was about to write a post bitching about this year once again. But you what? I will not do that because this year was good and every human I’ve met is one of the best reasons that 2017 is one of the best years yet.

About 7 years ago, while walking home at about 4 am after what was my “goodbye drink” from the Budapest chapter of my life, with one of the special friends that you meet in a lifetime, we were being philosophical about life (as much as you can be at 4am after some – not so heavy!- palinka shots). And she told me: “You know Irina, every person that you meet in a lifetime is with a purpose. Every single person will teach you a lesson.” I rolled my eyes with self-sufficient arrogance and started to laugh. Some years later I still think about it and I even agree with her. (She knows by now that I love her dearly and appreciate her for everything that she is).

While 2017 was filled with struggle, frustrations, and hardship I’ve learned a few good lessons. More precise about 90 lessons or so. They say in psychology that shared difficulties brings people together. Maybe this was the case here with my group of people that I had the chance of meeting this year, in this particular circumstance. Despite the conditions, we created a unique bond that made the situation more bearable and even a lot of fun, laughter, and good stories that will remain part of me forever.

I don’t know if we will conquer the years with the friendships created here but I will always carry these memories with me and smile every time I will remember them.

Each and one of these persons are individuals with great life stories and it makes me think that I am one of the luckiest people compared to others.  With so many cultural backgrounds and life experiences, you would think that is hard to create a homogeneous group to work harmoniously together.  Yet, Belgians, Romanians, Hungarians, Thai, Filipinos, Chinese, Spanish, Italians, Moroccans, Turkish, Egyptians, Albanese, Austrians, Bulgarians, Russian, Ukrainians, Polish, Czech, French, Ecuadorian, Brazilian,  and I am pretty sure that I forget some of the other roots of my former colleagues – have created some incredible bond with their compassion, creativity, positiveness, warmth, generosity and love. It only takes humanity and sometimes it is worth to be good rather than being right.

I wish I could write about each and one of them – and I will one day – but here it would take too long and I am sure it wouldn’t do justice to their true self as I only got to know a few close enough for a fair (!) description.

Even though I have not won an Oscar (yet) I just want to express my gratitude and to thank all these people for making my year better and teaching me so many lessons.  And the best lesson is that no matter what are you going through its always important to remain a decent human being. I am a better me also because of you.


Credit for some of the photos: Cristiana Moroz

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