Dear recruiters, I’ve had it with you

In the past year or so I have applied for hundred of jobs. And I have had quite a few interviews also. I must tell you that what I have experienced is a complete lack of civility, politeness and empathy. Sure I am whining and sure, I am angry. But I am not trying to picture myself any better that I am. 

Since I am walking down from this interview with a bitter taste in my mouth, slightly jealous of people with real jobs and quite down on myself I cannot help but wonder since when it’s acceptable for recruiters to behave in such a disgraceful manner?

Since it’s perfectly normal asking a high level of professionalism/ skills and so on from a candidate applying for a job, I wonder why is it acceptable that recruiters or HR people to behave in such disrespectful manner with the candidates/jobseekers? I think it’s called “Ghosting” – “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date. This is done in hopes that the ghostee will just get the hint and leave the subject alone, as opposed to the subject simply telling the he/ she is no longer interested” (Urban Dictionary to the point).  It’s perfectly applicable in the job market where adults such as hiring managers, Human Resources professionals, recruiters are ghosting the candidate. After contacting me, spending a few hours discussing ( giving countless tests  about my rocket science perfect knowledge) and agreeing to a future encounter I find myself often the only party left in this conversation without a single word from these professionals I was engaged in (what I thought is) a promising and constructive discussion.

If you read any job description – it looks to me like an exhaustive shopping list of specific and (very) unattainable absurd requirements. I am either overqualified or under qualified – never just enough. There is a substantial gap in between reality and expectations and I no longer wish to take part in this sharade. 

Ok, enough talking – it’s time for me to go back at applying to some new jobs that I will not get and I will be abruptly ignored. 


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