The selfie element

A (not so) long ago selfies were not even in the cards. As (by all!) known in 2013 the word “selfie” got a place in the Oxford English Dictionary by beating out “twerk” and “bitcoin” for the “word of the year” something. Yes, it’s officially official. 

While I didn’t had much against this phenomena or rather I had no particular opinion about this, lately I’ve reach a point where I think it’s really obnoxious to do that. Yes, it’s fun to make one with Niagara Falls in the background or the great pyramides, while doing bungee jumping, hell its ok to make a selfie with your dog once in a while. But to make a selfie every goddamn hour or so, I really cannot understand. In the museum that I work there is this vintage car Zastava (it was produced by a Serbian car maker, yet manufactured in Italy, I hope I have all the facts right, however details as such are not much relevant for this story) – yes, a real old car in the exhibition at level 4 of the building. Why there is a car in the exhibition you ask? Well, you will have to visit the museum in order to understand (there is no guarantee that you will, don’t take my word on it). 

Anyway, I am digressing. So this poor car I think it’s fair to say that it is daily violated by hundreds of people that pass by.  Without any exception – children or grown ups are mesmerised by this car and jump into it, on top of it, they brutalise and behave like they’ve never seen a car in their entire life. It’s a car! people! It’s a car. While on the same floor there is a Cold War section, which you would think it’s far better or interesting, no one is even throwing a glance at that part, everyone is queuing, yes you’ve read that right – queuing, to take a selfie in the almost destroyed and barely standing old car. I assist to the grotesque succession of selfies and admiration towards a car every day and I cannot cease to question why is this oh so fascinating. 

And when I read news with animals dying while humans are trying to make a selfie with them or people literally dying while trying to snap the best selfie I am more and more convinced that our brains become infested with some sort of virus that will slowly ( or faster than ever) kill us all. I’ve read somewhere (it was a scientific research about the phenomena) that the act  of making a selfie “can be a window into deeper adolescent issues”. Self esteem much?

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t say “don’t take that selfie” but maybe can we be more considerate in doing so?

Don’t let that selfie kill you.


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