Creme de la creme or an (almost) complete guide on how to be a moron

Top questions/remarks that  I get these days in the fabulous museum that I work, from visitors:

  • Where are we?
  • What is here?
  • What is the museum about? (It is called house of EUROPEAN HISTORY)
  • Where am I? (Really?)
  • What is the temporary exhibition about? Could you please explain to me? No.
  • You look like you are about to cry? Will you be crying? (older man after he insulted me. Yes, I was)
  • Touching/ getting dangerously close of one of the very few items not allowed to be touched that has a very obvious sign: do not touch
  • What is up? (down?)
  • Coffee?
  • Tell me about this building. No
  • Are we in the Solvay library?
  • I am here for the brunch/conference /event (no brunch/conference/event foreseen). Insisting: I have an invitation, there! No madam/sir, this is an invitation for an event at another museum
  • What can I do here?
  • Don’t you know who I am? No.
  • Oh you are closing, it’s fine, we don’t mind, we live nearby.
  • Can I help you sir? No (obviously struggling). Two minutes later: how do I use this stupid thing?

To be continued. 


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