Yes, I am complaining about you complaining

Since some long time I’ve got this aversion to people that are always complaining. It’s a long story and sometimes I retain my complaining until It burst in (crazy) anger, but that’s another issue. That I’ll discuss in private with specialised help.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that we all complain often about various things – mundane mostly, about our dog, our neighbour, our partner, our lack of time, lack of this or that, how unfair life is and the list can continue.

But! some people have a gift. There is a special category – a pest I would call it  – the complainers that are so annoying that as soon as they start talking you know what will follow. A myriad of complains about, let’s just say, the traffic. Yes, this is by far the worst subcategory of complainers. And while this person seems like an individual that can have an intelligent conversation, you simply cannot shift the discussion from the neverbloodyendingstoryaboutthetraffic.

It’s bad. It’s long. It’s disrupted. It took two hours this morning to reach the office.Fucking government. Fucking system. Fucking universe conspired that the traffic on E40 this morning (every morning!) to get jammed and prevented them to arrive on time. This person even promotes a lot of noble causes on their social media. Enhancing their capital image. Like biking or running, human rights, feminism. Good stuff, right? But with the first traffic jam that messed their comfort zone, in their little bubble they’re done: ef life!

See where I am getting here?

I am sorry. While I empathize with all those that get caught in the jammed monster of cars that happens every rush hour (and not only) I cannot help but think they are part of the problem. Choosing every day to hop into your car and get to your destination in a record time it will not happen while citizens (all nationalities included) will not make an effort to choose an alternative way of transportation. Cut your double standards and get on that bike, in the metro, bus, on a horse, whatever would help relief this craziness. Staying in your car and swearing at the government, trade unions or whomever you think it’s at fault for your problem will not do it.

Cut the f crap. End of complaining.


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