My password game is strong. Or how to create a good password that you’ll never forget.

I don’t know really. Dear God, I hate passwords.


As you have figured it out, I am a very skillful, tech savvy and intuitive person. NOT.

I can see why the passwords have been invented. Really. Still, when it comes to the combination of letters, (upper and lower cases), numbers and special characters and then you have to remember ALL that, I am sorry, me and half of other tech savvy people we don’t manage. In all honesty, I am always happy when they ask me if I see a lamppost in a picture: you go figure, I think, they have invented the right pass human verification for me!


But that cannot last long, no. Why? They have to make me remember numbers. And sometimes I use the pass for my computer to unlock the entrance to my building, often I use the codes from various other systems to unlock the rest and so on. So, dear God, why? I mean you let us invent penicillin and rocket science and formulas to calculate the PH of our skin – why on Earth’s name there isn’t out there an easier system to lock our precious information?  There must be more than half of the planet population using high tech devices, yet, the level of securing all that is via a pass with a combination of numbers and letters. At the level of Sophistication that technology hit we are stuck with passwords that humans cannot remember. You got that right: IT department hates all of me.

Sure, I said to myself smug and arrogant: I will not use the birthday of my cat to create a pass but I will create something very complicated and I will NOT note down because (sic!): I remember! Not. Every effing single time.

Now, my friends, I just wanted to say that I have blocked my phone: just in case any of you try to call.And when I try to call my operator get the message “your sim is blocked, please call your operator”.

Namaste. Peace.

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