This situation: i enter in a very popular coffee place in the European Quarter. You know the style: ridiculous price for a coffee or tea, Scandinavian Ikea looking furniture for sale (tough supposedly much arty and expensive of course), specific Nordic drinks etc etc. Trying to ask for a tea, naturally in French. The waitress: pink punk(:)) hair, with the most hipsterish outfit, she looks at me like I am an idiot. Not sure what I did wrong – I start in English the same question. Like is the most natural thing in the world she replies equally in English( I wanted to say Shakespeare language but obviously none of us is actually mastering such a thing). I was initially struck and clearly disturbed about the attitude and, of course, absurdity of the situation. Is this not Brussels? Since when they don’t speak French in the public places? 

Minutes later I find myself defending the very same waitress to my friend that was not as assertive as me.  I don’t know why. 

End of story. 

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