Nu komt de aap uit de mouw. 

Since December last year it happened that I have had all this time until now only for myself and In case you are wondering(!) what I’ve done during  my five months break (besides breaking into pieces and glue it all back together) here it is: 

– I have been travelling here and there with or without friends; I’ve been sad; I’ve been happy; I started this blog and, now, understand that I like to write; I’ve been exercising – not as much as I need; I’ve been reading – not as much as I want; I took time to truly understand what is it that I want and what not: still not completely clear but at least i have the big frame; I’ve met a lot of puppies and dogs; I’ve been volunteering; I binge watched Netflix; I started to run (ok, sometimes); eat all the chocolate and fries I could get my hands on; I walked: a lot; discovered more of Brussels and fell in love with it again and again; seen (not enough) museums and exhibitions; read all those motivational books (can you tell I am over motivated now?); I’ve listened to all those podcasts; I’ve met (not enough) with friends over coffees/lunch or whatever; spent some (not enough) time with my mother; redecorated/arranged the furniture in my flat several times; I’ve been doing all those online classes (for one, now I know all about the Scandinavian cinema, very useful in case you want to watch movies).

I’ve started learning Dutch: this one is a revelation, I needed a whole module of Dutch to finally understand what Erste (Bank) stands for. Turns out I love it so much that I decided to continue studying. Ja, ik ben en betjee coucou. Prima, he?

And last but equally important I have complained about the weather.


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