Dogs are my favourite people

Once upon a time I had a dog. His name was Toby and he was truly one of the best souls there was. I can say without hesitation that Toby was my soulmate. Yes, you can totally take me for a nut job.
He came into my life more than 18 years ago. Yes, a lifetime. There was no research or noble purpose behind the decision of acquiring a dog. The times were different and it was not much of an aware decision to have a dog. My mother just picked him up as he was the last puppy left – there was enough of a reason for us to want him. Throughout the years Toby was family. With good and bad, he had a sort of dramatic personality I would say. We have been a perfect fit. Two drama queens make life much more intense. But no, really. Toby was my best friend, my nightmare responsibility as a teenager, my family. It is simply impossible to imagine how I would have grown up without him. He taught me compassion, unconditional love, responsibility, loyalty and it was a lot of fun.
I do love dogs as you have already figure out. Is true that I prefer their companionship rather than the human one. It might sound overly dramatic, (you should be already used to that), yet dogs are most of the time perfect friends. Indeed, we don’t talk a lot but words are unnecessary with them. They just know everything, they are magic. Once, a long time ago, when i was a little girl, I read this pretty novel: about how a dog perceives the human girl, that he is accompanying, as a magician. I’ve been often thinking about that over the years. How did my dog really see me?
There have been studies recently “proving” that they can perceive human feelings and they can understand much more that we believe. In another article that struck me at some point, the following issue was tackled: how come that dogs make eye contact with humans but not with other dogs? Mind-blowing.
Anyway, I gave up reading to understand why there is such a connection between humans and the magical creatures that dogs are. I just hope that someday I can meet my Toby in another world and we hang out like in the good old times. And mostly I hope i get to tell him about how much happiness he created.


You are always in my soul, wherever you are.


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