What the F? Feminism that is.

Yes, I’ve read the dictionary term of feminism. I don’t pretend I completely grasp the concept/ideology/movement. I also think that the notion in itself is sabotaging its own meaning. 

But if feminism is about having humans equal with other humans, I am in. Or, as I’ve read somewhere: equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you, it’s not pie. 

Ok. You’ve all probably have seen the disgusting episode when, in the European Parliament (!) a chosen politician ( it doesn’t even matter which country) has publicly declared that women are “weaker, less intelligent” therefore should earn less by these criteria. And, of course, the argument that no woman won any chess tournament. Wait, what? Chess? 

As pointed out by (various) men so many times: I have a lot of opinions. And I do express my opinions out loud.  I find it always shocking when men have this kind of remarks. Is it because I am a woman I should keep my opinions to myself? Or because I am a woman I should not have opinions at all? Or because I am a woman my opinion should not matter? I just don’t get it (maybe because I am a woman). What drives people to think, even remotely, that gender is a criteria to condition my freedom? In any way? 

Even more upsetting is when I hear the same kind of remarks from women. Really? Have you, not ever, been bullied, intimidated, mocked, laugh at, patronised on the basis that you are a woman? You must be a man then. 

Are (some) men so limited in their thinking to believe that women are actually weaker? Less intelligent (seriously, have you even read any history?) Or, men are afraid of the actual power that women can have (and with good reason,ultimately, find their rightful place nowadays) and they try by all means to undermine that? 

Bottom line is, feminism is not the word. Because is so misinterpreted, sometimes to the extremes, and it has a stigmat all over it “feminism” should rebrand itself and get another name. Is hard to fight a battle with morons like the MEP leader in the Parliament having this title. Feminism should be called humanism maybe. 

Anyway, peace y’all and namaste. 

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