Not my clown, not my circus

I am quoting a good friend on this. Isn’t it that you felt at least once in your life this exact situation? This exact relief of a burden, weight that was on you and all of a sudden it isn’t there anymore? 

That’s exactly what I am talking about. This is my point right here, right now. It is hard to imagine that you have even been in such a circus for such a long time, as part of you, as a Chinese drop, never ending story, yet looking from the outside now, that particular situation seems so distant and so not me. 

It happens that i managed in my (not so long!) existence to surprise myself so many times. And I keep doing so every day. Is not always a good surprise but most of the times it is. As humans we have so many resources that we can barely recognise, let along use. But we do. Most of the times we go along like mules and when we are out off one of these burdening existential contexts we cannot imagine that we sat in that s*t for so long. Is hard to acknowledge our resilience to a situation that is not favourable for us and to accept that we chose to stay despite all. 

Why do we even stay in situations that are not in our best interest? What is the main driver that keeps us going? I know, that’s psychological s*t ( there you go, I managed to use this twice in a go) and I will not dwell into it, but damn, it feels good just to say “not my clown, nor my circus”. 

Be good to yourselves and Namaste. 

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