The affordable art fair -Brussels, 2017

This post is literally about the affordable art fair in Brussels that becomes bigger every year. 

This year, the venue @Tour&Taxy was filled with art from all over the scene worlds best: UK, France, US, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, The Netherlands, Spain etc

Don’t let the name of the event fool you: is not that affordable but it’s still a big exhibition that comprises in one event numerous artists that aspire to international fame and with good reason, some of the pieces are absolutely stunning and inspiring.

Needless to say that art is not objective and I cannot say that I felt a connection with every artistic expression here, then again, I am not even close to a art critique so I’ll leave this judgement to those who know. 

I always recommend it, a well spent Sunday afternoon,  one that leaves you with some feelings of some sorts, more artsy or not.  


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