It’s philosophically self evident 

Don’t you just hate it when you try having a (more) meaningful conversation with someone and they insist on telling you about their struggle on the traffic daily or the situation of their new veranda or the high costs of the new car? Don’t get me wrong, I can totally do that, what is really annoying tough is when they are not even trying to look interested in what you would like to discuss. 
I remember on a specific person, let’s just say someone I used to spend time due to the context I was at some point in life. So I could just have quite nice conversations with this person until I was shifting into something not directly related to them. I could see in matter of seconds their facial expression change, their mind wandering back to their own and not paying attention in the least on my words. 

I’ve been reading somewhere about the quest if is good or not to try pleasing everybody? (Since you asked, is Dostoyevsky). Well, that is not was I expecting in the situation I displayed earlier, however, where is the line between people pleasing and just being an ass?

I’ll admit it. I struggle with this: I hate being criticised, I am just tiniest a bit more sensitive than the average. It’s not ideal, yet, I get to tell my truth more often because of my sensitivity. Sometimes, that makes me look edgy, arrogant and condescending. 

 We all have priorities and handling haters shouldn’t be one of them. Yet, coming back on the difference between being honest and being a jerk: a fine line this is. 

Same good old D. stated that we are all good people, except the bad ones. 🙂

Whatever. Hai, pa.

PS: Obviously I got the title from a good old book I read sometime and just reread it recently. (The sense of an ending, Julian Barnes).

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