The decadent decade 

Since you are dying to know: I am going home (Romania is my home, feel the pride, the joy, the excitement. No, really.)

I am sure that most of you have that (annoying) Romanian friend: bitching about his country yet shoving “tuica” (read alcoholic coma inducer) or some other Romanian delights to you, with pride and sense of ownership.

Or, on the contrary your friend loves his country, promotes it with every occasion by showing you all the YouTube videos about the Carpathian Garden (I am really sorry Kathrin, it will not happen again); your friend is signing all possible /existing petitions on the internet to help a noble cause in his country.(Because that ALWAYS works, we all know that).
Your friend could also be an annoyingly (i)lliterate that copy paste quotes about the tragedy of being (Romanian) (“De l’Inconvénient d’être né” – what else?) while travelling in some  (any) other country with condescendence and superiority.
Or, maybe your Romanian friend is funny and cool (just like me, ha!); has all the jokes in his sleeve and good sarcasm when required (moreover, when is not required) yet still has a tiny amount of inferiority when faced with other great nations. 

Somehow, the inferiority feeling stick with some (also) due to the bad image depicted in the last ten years (at least) by the media machine or due to complex psychological factors that I won’t dwell into here.

I am guilty of all that, tough i never indulged “țuica” – only some good old Jagermeister (!) and some other beverages not worthy of being mentioned. Somehow, I felt is important to mention this.

It happens that, this year,  ten years have passed since I left home to discover new horizons: sounds poetic, I cannot say the past ten years have been only poetry. 

I’ve learned some, yet there is still so much out there to learn. The learning process is never ending, we are not the finished product until the end, I guess. 

There are, still, plenty of new places I want to discover, new cultures and people, other ways of seeing life and the world. I am grateful to have the privilege of discovering all these new places, I am still in awe every time a plane is taking off (even after so many repetitions of the same process) and I find myself in this little machine above continents and countries, oceans and mountains, in the clouds, closer to the sun, further from the lands.

And every time I step out is a new exciting place ready to be discovered,  a different climate from the one I left behind – sometimes with differences from even 40 degrees to -5, new people, so similar yet so different from what I know, new landscapes, beautiful and mesmerising new sites, different religions and beliefs. 

Every single one of these places taught me something. That what I know is not the absolute truth, or that my convictions can be changed when seen in a different perspective, that I almost never know until I actually see it/experience myself, that even tough born and raised in a former communist country I am so much more privileged than other people across the globe, that poverty takes various faces and it’s shown differently in different circumstances, that people and situations are not there forever, that life is unpredictable in a million different ways. 

What I wanted to say? Oh, that I am happy to go home today. 


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