Haters “gonna” hate

This is inspired by a discussion half year ago with some very dear people of mine.  (Yes, its you, Irina and you, Codreanu –  I know you are not reading my blog, but really who does?, just in case, I give you the credit for the idea).

And since I’ve been told in several occasions that I am opinionated and I, too often, express my opinion, here’s one. Words will be said, feelings will be hurt and no fucks will be given.

I want to present you the most annoying typology of people, that we have all met at some point when we needed the most.

My focus is on a very special kind (in this category i integrate all nations, I don’t discriminate here): the specific individual that is willing to give you advice about pretty much everything. The deniers of their very own origins. The condescending ones, that fill their “From” field on various social platforms with Nepal or whatever cool country is trending nowadays (where is it cool to be from these days, bytheway? Just need to update my twitter).

The ones that proclaim themselves travel gurus and think no one before them has touched their destination, the ones willing to give you free advices about how to, where and what is the right way, the absolute truth owners; the annoying “know it all” – that think they invented yoga and/or vispassana (because sitting in complete silence and contemplating their (un)worthy life in an ashram in Thailand for a week is making them THE wisest people alive); the convinced vegans/ vegetarians that are ready to mock your lifestyle only because you are not one; the ones that regard you with contempt because you have a job and you “don’t” live your dream (even tough they never had a real one to judge) but will sell you everything to profit from that; the self proclaimed free spirits and souls that will swear at you with the first occasion you disagree their point of view; the readers of “The China Study”( a “most comprehensive study of nutrition” – something like alternative medicine) who believe you are completely lost if you don’t follow the nutrition scheme suggested there… the list is not exhaustive.

Ummm, yes, my point is that I still don’t like you. Just saying.


    • Yes indeed, Codreanu is family. And I value his opinions always. My audience though (!) never makes any connections with that specific one, only swedes know about the legionary movement 😀

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