Excerpt from a childhood memory 

After (almost) a week since my return to Brussels, at the popular demand, I have decided I will continue posting on this blog. (Ok, only one or two people really asked; I am just doing it for me: at some level writing here gives me structure and some sense of purpose if you must know).

I don’t really have a theme which means that I will be rambling about everything and anything. 

The weeks spent in Indonesia have been a breath of air. Despite all, I feel it was a valuable experience. I am sure my traveller companions feel the same. I only miss the fruits. And the sun. And the sea. 
I found Brussels in deep freeze – somewhat unusual – temperatures are under zero; it feels like real winter. Not much snow, yet I appreciate the sunny days, strolling the city, my cheeks and hands are freezing giving me that serene feeling, only known as a child. Only a violent cold like this can transpose you in the past so far away.

Days are filled with joy like  discovering yet new places in Brussels: 

Thanks to Mihaela (don’t you feel you know her? sure you do!) I have discovered this coffee/tea place, called Floris, in place St Boniface. Not only that they have a great tea selection, but the best hot chocolate (like ever) and a combination of cocoa and chocolate which is absolutely delicious. And you receive chocolate cake to go with it. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can go and try it yourself (I feel that I should ask a marketing budget from these people. 

A plus. Namaste.

Later edit: the coffee place in this article it’s called Comptoir Florian. Www.comptoirflorian.be 

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