Cheese is life

Today I dream about cheese. And bread. And wine. Really, anything that is not noodles or rice. 

Don’t get me wrong, the food is good in Bali. Is just lacking diversity. If I am to compare with India, well, there is no term of comparison. There are 2/3 ways to prepare rice, a soup or two and the same variation with noodles. 

Therefore the cheat today is ice cream and chips. We gave in our cravings and went to the supermarket (generous term) and bought copies of lays and cornetto. What you see below is the healthy version of what I just said. We’ve had that too but a tad to much. 

Ok, we have tried pretty much everything: all sorts of fruits and juices, smoothies, fried banana, pancake banana, mango, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit…yet we need something more. 

We have seen some more temples; so we had to wear more sarongs:

And some more gardens: 

And the weirdest/particular/strange was a temple with bats (as batman yes), kind of creepy place really: 

That moment when you casually meet friends from your home town in Bali and you travel further together: 


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